Monday, May 5, 2014


Shamva- In a incident that left villagers of Shamva shell-shocked a prominent local Prophet Gabriel Thumim (38) of Temple of Grace International Ministries  has alleged  impregnated Mbuya   Pwanyiwa  (33) a well known sangoma in the area.

The cat was let out the bag when Mbuya Pwanyiwa dragged the man of the cloth to the courts on Thursday claiming maintenance for the two year old daughter the couple sired when they were still head over heals.
The Court heard that two years ago before he became a prophet, Grabriel Mabwe (now Prophet Grabriel Thumim) was involved in a steamy relationship with Mbuya Chido Pwanyiwa. The relationship produced a daughter. It is further alleged by Mbuya Pwanyiwa that Mabwe received his ‘calling’ 2013 when he visited South Africa.

“He came back from South saying he had received a calling from God and does not want to compromise his calling by dating a person of my nature,’ Mbuya Pwanyiwa said.

The couple agreed to have a separation and had a mutual agreement that Mabwe will provide money towards the upkeep of his daughter. From that time till date he only bought a packet of chips prompting Pwanyiwa to take matter to the court.

The court was adjourned to the 24th of March 2014.

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