Tuesday, May 6, 2014

“I think Teko Modise Is Gay,” Says Ex-Fiancee Lizelle Tabane

(PIC) Teko Modise and ex-fiancee, Lizelle Tabane
(PIC) Teko Modise and ex-fiancee, Lizelle Tabane
MAMELODI Sundowns midfielder Teko Modise rediscovered his form on the field – but lost it between the sheets, so says ex-fiancee Lizelle Tabane.

She has dumped him like a used condom. Lizelle said Teko was not even doing his manly duties! She told the People’s Paper: “He always slept with his clothes on. And always passed out before doing anything. “At some point I even thought he was gay – because he cared more about his unemployed friends than his fiancee.”

So the gatvol Lizelle packed her belongings and left Teko high and dry. Speaking to Sunday Sun, Lizelle said she left Teko’s house two weeks ago. She’s back with her parents in Pretoria.

In a frank interview with Sunday Sun, Lizelle said: “I’m done with him! I can’t pretend any more. I’m not staying in a place where I’m unhappy.

“He kept chasing other girls – while he was committed to me. I don’t remember how many times we fought over this but he kept on doing the same thing.”

She claimed: “He always came home from parties and strip clubs at 5am – after he got his form back. “I did everything a woman could to save our relationship. I treated him well but he repaid me with disrespect.”

Two weeks back, Lizelle was spotted at a top nightspot in Rosebank, Joburg – without her ring.

“I’ll never wear that ring because I’m no longer engaged. I never asked him to propose. “So I’ll just keep it as a gift to remind myself that I was once engaged,” she said.

Lizelle made a commitment to Sunday Sun that she will never date anyone who is a public figure again. “I’m tired of these guys. They use a beautiful girl so they can attract more beautiful girls,” she said.

Lizelle added: “He even asked me to have a baby with him but I said no. I couldn’t have a baby with someone who doesn’t take care of his own kids.”

Lizelle said Teko’s family also dumped him. “His mum doesn’t want to be involved in his problems anymore. He doesn’t listen!”

Teko’s manager Jazzman Mahlakgane, said: “I don’t manage Teko’s social life. Ask me about his performance on the soccer field.” When we called him Teko refused to comment. – Sunday Sun

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