Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Man cheats secret photographer, leaves lover confused

 Masvingo's prowling secret photographer with a penchant for taking pictures of couples found in compromising positions in bushes around the city met his match last week when a man he found making love hit the road without giving the slightest chance to show his face.

The video is probably the funniest and most intriguing that the secret photographer has ever taken. After spending almost 10 minutes filming a couple in their 40s' making love in bushes near the National Railways Station in Masvingo, the secret photographer used his usual trick to scare the lovers by announcing his presence so that the lovers would look back and give him a chance to take pictures of their faces.

"Vashumi vebasa (hey great lovers)," he called out to the lovers from about three metres behind them.
Instead of looking back to find out what was going on, the man just answered back and said he-e!
He stood up without looking behind him to find who the intruder was and started dressing up quietly and quickly. The photographer tried again to provoke him so that he could look back but he didn't.

"Ndati vashumi vebasa, ndimi vananiko? Musaedza henyu kundityityidzira garai pasi titaurirane musatiza. (Hey great lovers what are you doing. Don't make any threats we can sit down and talk," repeatedly said the secret photographer trying to get the man to look at him.

The man continued to dress up and after finishing he patted his lover's head as if he to reassure her that all was well but without warning, he took to his heels and in a glance he was gone.

The photographer never saw the man's face and his mission to expose immorality was for a moment shattered. He however got solace from the fact that he continued to film the woman who remained seated, confused and not knowing what to do next.

"I think this man is a soldier or someone from the intelligence services. He outwitted me completely and I am sure he has also been reading about the secret photographer. He beat me to it. I lost out. This was one of the most fantastic videos I have taken but without the face of the person involved it is like a half-baked cake," complained the secret

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