Monday, May 5, 2014

Driver flees Gays, rams into tree, head cut off

A MARRIED father of one crashed into a tree and died while fleeing enraged homosexuals after a pub fight. The  horrific accident that saw Kenneth Kudoma, 34, decapitated occured in the early hours of last Friday near the Highlanders Clubhouse in Bulawayo. Kudoma was allegedly in a high speed car chase with the suspected homosexuals when he lost control of his Ford sedan and crashed.
The accident happened at the intersection of  Masotsha Ndlovu Avenue and Fife Street at about 1AM.
Kudoma’s death horrified witnesses as his head landed a few metres away from the wreckage of his car while his body twitched and spouted blood on the other side.

The car, which rammed into a perimeter wall at a nearby lodge after hitting the tree, broke into two parts.
A guest at the lodge narrated the horrific scene that met him following a loud bang which he said woke him up.

“I was asleep in my room when I heard a loud crashing sound. I rushed outside and I saw the wrecked car.
“It was dark and when I went closer to investigate I was horrified to see a smashed human skull. I ran back to inform other tenants and we called an ambulance,” said the man who identified himself as Raymond.
Kudoma’s sister and family spokesperson, Isabel Kudoma described her brother’s death as heart rending and mysterious.
“When we arrived at the scene the back of the vehicle was separated from the front part. Although he was drunk, the severity of the accident leaves us with a lot of questions,” she said.
Isabel said even though doctors tried to put her brother’s face back together for burial, the family could not recognise it.
She also said the family believes there is more to the “accident” and they hoped justice would prevail.
Isabel said: “We still have not received information from the police about what transpired but close friends have been telling us he was being pursued by two cars.
“We were told that on Thursday night either he or his friends made a report to Central Police Station concerning a misunderstanding with homosexuals that had ensued at a local nightspot.
“We do not even know if a docket was opened regarding the report.”
She said the family was appealing to those with information about the said misunderstanding to report to the police.
Bulawayo Traffic police spokesperson Chief Superintendent Maxwell Chikunguru confirmed the incident and said investigations are underway.
“I confirm that there was an accident that happened at about 1AM on Friday.
“Kenneth Kudoma, who was driving a navy blue Ford sedan, died instantly as a result of the crash while the car broke into two pieces.
“Investigations are underway as to where he was coming from, where he was going and whether he was driving under the influence of alcohol,” he said.
Chief Supt Chikunguru said preliminary investigations indicate that the driver was speeding.
Kudoma was buried yesterday at West Park Cemetery and is survived by his wife and a six-year-old son.

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