Monday, May 5, 2014


“Sir, we write to inform you that John Aku is dead. He died by 7PM at Igandon road, Lagos, burial arrangements shall be communicated to you when we sort things out”.
This is the SMS I got that scared the hell outta me. I spoke to John in the afternoon. My friend was with him by 6 PM, 7 PM he kicked the bucket.
As friends thronged to see his corpse, everyone was asking God why he let such a good guy die so early. Even though his car somersaulted, there was no dent on the car. The autopsy result showed no injuries and they classified the death as UNUSUAL. He was only 43 years.

As the burial arrangements were being made, the family received a letter from a shrine in the east that claimed to be responsible for his death. The shrine stated why its spirit killed him and the exact time he was killed at the Igando bridge. It was a water spirit and he died on the bridge of the river.
According to sources, John died because a childhood friend reported him to a shrine that he ate his visa money and another 1000 USD/Euros given to him to give his friend.
Four persons met John Aku to do visa for them. He got 3 of them visa and the one that killed him was denied visa. It was alleged that 750k was given to John Aku. Since the guy was denied visa, John delayed to pay him back the money.
We heard when he was reported to the shrine, the priests sent letters to his dad in the village. His dad refused telling him. Then the spirit came to him in Lagos and warned him and he refused to go state his case in the shrine.
A lot of people saw the story as jargon but as burial arrangements were made to inter his remains to earth, the shrine wrote a letter that if restoration in the right amounts were not made and Mr. John buried, his second brother would be killed till the last.
The family got the 750k and the 1000 USD/EU and paid. After the rites were done, he was buried.
Even though the childhood friend was paid his full money. He cannot escape God’s wrath.
We do not blame the spirit that did his work. Only Jesus Christ will judges and metes out justice as He wants. But the one that reported this to the shrine must balance the consequences. When the bible says”Whatever you sow, u shall reap.” The Word of God does not lie.
The killer cannot be free neither would his children and generations.
I want to assure u of one thing. Whoever sheds blood spiritually or physically must pay for it. Either in this world or in the world to come. The Word of God cannot be changed. Every man or woman is an image of the Supreme Deity who calls all to justice in due time and rewards everyone according to his or her deeds.
Why resort to shrines to settle issues and give order that your friend be killed?
How much money on earth would replace a human being made by God in God’s image and likeness?
“Leave vengeance for me” Says the Lord. Why not allow God to fight for you? Why not allow God to bless you by letting the other live as u are living?
I do not support evil.
But how much would u make with 750k? Why cage your family in hardship due to ignorant of God’s world order?
My brothers and sisters, anyone that kills a fellow human being must face the consequences and thus puts his or her family in bondage.
Jesus said to Peter”Simon, sheath thy sword…for a killer must die by being killed.”
May God Almighty Protect Us from evil friends in Jesus Name Type Amen. Please Share for Others to be informed.

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