Wednesday, May 21, 2014


(My Mother)

If this was my country or if I were a citizen here
I would on a day today spit the truth about politics
No- I wouldn’t, for politics is a dirty game
I wouldn’t point at the minister of finance
for failing to pay me in time
I wouldn’t lift a finger to the minister of home affairs
for leading a corrupt police force
I wouldn’t question why the police are a Force-Force
and not a service

If I were a citizen of this country
I wouldn’t disrespect the leadership of parastatals
I wouldn’t question their hefty salaries of millions
When we are earning cents

I say-, and I mean it by blood and water
If I were a citizen here,
I wouldn’t question why there is so much freedom of speech
And limited freedom after speech

If this country was mine
To rule and to live in
I would sit back and watch events unfold
And hope it’s a long unending dream
Praying when I wake up that a foreign writer
Will create a movie of our story
Just like Blood Diamond, Hotel Rwanda, Tears of the Sun, Sarafina
I will just hope that a good poet will one day like a reggae artiste
recite from a foreign land, a poem of our situation
And get awards and earn international tours
Even if they make a wrong script, exaggerate and pun of the condition

If were only a citizen of this place
I would zip my mouth just like that poet
That writer or that journalist
And only write of arts events, covering clean poets like the one on mike

If I were a citizen of another country
Other than this one we are in
I would have been live on TV
Reciting praise/curse poetry to the leaders
Naming all that they do by correct names
But since I am here
I expect more……or nothing

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Blond with two vaginas offered porn movie role

Hazel Jones always wondered why she suffered from terrible cramps and heavy periods during puberty. But it wasn't until she turned 18 that she was given her astonishing diagnosis - she had two vaginas.
The blonde 27-year-old from High Wycombe has the million-in-one condition uterus didelphys, which means she has two separate uteruses and cervixes as well.

Man sets up camera to catch ghost, films girlfriend's affair with his teenage son

According to The Telegraph website, the man forgot to turn off the camera one day and when he later reviewed the footage, he saw his son and the 28-year-old Tasmanian woman - who cannot be named for legal reasons - kissing and cuddling.
His girlfriend of 11 years initially denied the affair, but his son confessed that they had sex on multiple occasions.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Human parts dealer issues price list, says skull sells for N20,000

A 54year old grandmother Sukuratu Salami was yesterday May 5th paraded by the Lagos state police command alongside her accomplices, for her involvement in ritual killings and human parts sales.

In her confessional statement, Madam Sukuratu said she  sold human heads for N20,000 to willing buyers and that greed made her go into the business.

Big Man Dies While “Doing” A Female Student Inside Her Hostel

We are sure living in strange times and caution is the only way out. As you read this, a rich man who drove his car to his girlfriend’s hostel room in Ebonyi State University, has died during a marathon séx with her.Sources at the hostel, where the incident occurred, said the man died in the day time inside the room of the said female student located at Goddy Ogbaga Avenue while they were in action.

Girl disgraced for stealing blackberry

See what happened when a young 200 Level student of the University of Benin stole a Blackberry Phone allegedly belonging to her girlfriend in BDPA. It all happened when her friend started looking for her BB phone for over 3 hours and could not find it. The girl was later asked if she saw a BB Phone which deny taking.

What Does Your Boyfriend Do for A Living? And Do You Really Know Him?

What does your boyfriend do for a living?

Is it an honest and transparent occupation or profession?

Would you be proud to say it openly or something you are ashamed to admit?

It matters these days of interesting times in Nigeria with many covetous men and millions unemployed men in every state and most of them are under peer pressure to live up to the expectations of their community and society.

Canadian Man loses $150,000 to Nigerian Lottery Scam

John Rempel of Leamington, Ontario, got an email back in July, 2007 from someone claiming to be a lawyer with a client named David Rempel who died in a 2005 bomb attack in London, England, and left behind $12.8 million dollars. The scammer will usually say it’s a long-lost relative or the victim, or the deceased millionaire had no relatives so they sought for someone who shared the same last name.

BUT, then the Advance Fee Fraud came in.

The man told him he had to pay $2,500 to transfer the money into his name. He then had to stump for several more documents, some of which cost $5,000. The scammer told Rempel he had to open a bank account in London, with a minimum $5,000 deposit. He said some of the money had been transferred into the account for “safe keeping”.

29-year-old man Kills Daughter over Plate of Rice

The police in Rivers State have arrested a 29-year-old man, Kingsley Ekerete, who killed his seven-year-old daughter over a plate of boiled rice in Obimama, Oyigbo Local Government Area of the state.

Nigerian Tribune reports that Kingsley Ekerete, 29, a commercial driver on the fateful day of April 12, 2014, returned home like every other day at 1900hrs, already famished. He hurried down to the pot of rice he had prepared before leaving for work only to find that his also hungry daughter, Favour, had helped herself to the meal he had reserved for himself. 

Man With World’s Largest Penis Donates It To Museum (Photos)

Bisexual American man Jonah Falcon received an extraordinary gift at birth, and now he wants to give it back. The 43-year-old Manhattanite is recognized for having the longest penis in the world, a distinction that has made him an Internet star. He has declined many opportunities in porn. But now, HuffingtonPost reports he has an offer he can't refuse.

Lady Exposes Boyfriend who Gave her HIV on Purpose & She's Pregnant Now (Photos & Tweets)

Lungi's story is trending on Twitter and it's a big must read, guys. Will definitely make you pause and wonder the number of wicked boyfriends/girlfriends  who are deliberately infecting people with the HIV virus. Lungi decided to expose her exboyfriend after she found out he faked his HIV test result, intentionally slept with her, got her pregnant, then laughed at her when she found out he was HIV positive and she too was now positive. She's 3 months pregnant right now!

Suspected Rapist Drugs, Attacks 15 year old Girl after She Refused to Sleep with Him

For refusing a suspected rapist sex, the young girl pictured above, a grade six pupil of Young Tajudeen Middle School, Ede, Osun State (name withheld) was attacked and deep matchete cuts inflicted on her head, legs and wrist.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mel Gibson Battery Conviction after Hitting ex Oksana Grigorieva to be 'Erased from his Record'

The battery conviction top Hollywood actor/director/producer Mel Gibson caught for hitting his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva in January 2010 is about to be erased from his record. reports that the Passion of Christ director has the wheels in motion to appear in a Los Angeles courtroom this month, where he will petition the court to expunge his no contest plea to the misdemeanor charge from his record.

DA Announces Upgrade to Helen Zille’s House

The Democratic Alliance is thrilled to announce that the Western Cape Government will pay for a multi-million rand upgrade of Helen Zille’s private home in Rosebank, Cape Town.

Following the recent trend of public money being used for upgrades to private residences, Ms Zille is excited to see what this upgrade will do to the value of her family home, which is to be renamed ‘Amandla’.

The initial upgrade is planned for about R20 million, but according to Western Cape Finance Minister, Alan Winde, “everyone knows that these things often run way over budget, so the Western Cape Government has set aside R246 million for inevitable cost overruns”.

Sugar Mama Drama For Orlando Pirates Defender

THE sugar mama’s got him by the balls! Orlando Pirates’ no nonsense defender Ayanda Gcaba (27) is gatvol with his baby mama, Kim Everton (34).

Kim, who works at Harmony Mine in Welkom, is said to travel from the Free State to Jozi just to order Ayanda around.

Friends of the soccer player, whose nickname is “Lesilo”, told Sunday Sun that Kim’s got him by the balls and demands that he marries her. “Kim would accuse Ayanda of sleeping with young bitches,” said Ayanda’s close friend.

“I think Teko Modise Is Gay,” Says Ex-Fiancee Lizelle Tabane

(PIC) Teko Modise and ex-fiancee, Lizelle Tabane
(PIC) Teko Modise and ex-fiancee, Lizelle Tabane
MAMELODI Sundowns midfielder Teko Modise rediscovered his form on the field – but lost it between the sheets, so says ex-fiancee Lizelle Tabane.

She has dumped him like a used condom. Lizelle said Teko was not even doing his manly duties! She told the People’s Paper: “He always slept with his clothes on. And always passed out before doing anything. “At some point I even thought he was gay – because he cared more about his unemployed friends than his fiancee.”

Somizi’s Lover Attempts Suicide

(PIC) Africa's grandmother of gays, Somizi Mhlongo. He was born the same year as Abigail Kubeka
(PIC) Africa’s grandmother of gays, Somizi Mhlongo. He was born the same year as Abigail Kubeka
NOTHING lasts forever – not even great love…

And when Somizi Mhlongo’s relationship went up in smoke after four years, he dumped his boyfriend.

But grief nearly turned to tragedy when the broken-hearted Themba allegedly swallowed a whole bottle of pills to end the beating of his sad heart for evermore!

SHOCKING: Gay People Allowed To Participate In The Zulu Reed Dance Ceremony


Durban – In a quest to send a very strong message against homophobia and cultural exclusion on the basis of sexual orientation, a resolution has been passed by the South African national assembly allowing gay people to participate in the annual Zulu reed dance.

Monday, May 5, 2014

Driver flees Gays, rams into tree, head cut off

A MARRIED father of one crashed into a tree and died while fleeing enraged homosexuals after a pub fight. The  horrific accident that saw Kenneth Kudoma, 34, decapitated occured in the early hours of last Friday near the Highlanders Clubhouse in Bulawayo. Kudoma was allegedly in a high speed car chase with the suspected homosexuals when he lost control of his Ford sedan and crashed.
The accident happened at the intersection of  Masotsha Ndlovu Avenue and Fife Street at about 1AM.
Kudoma’s death horrified witnesses as his head landed a few metres away from the wreckage of his car while his body twitched and spouted blood on the other side.

Sick female rapist gets 16 years in prison for raping son

A sex starved Chiredzi woman (34) habitually raped her stepson, 16, while her husband was away on business resulting in the juvenile contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Pleading guilty to a charge of aggravated indecent assault, Respina Mukandauri (40) told Masvingo Regional Magistrate Judith Zuyu on Tuesday that she had been desperate for sex as her husband had been away for weeks.

She was sentenced to 16 year in prison. Mukandauri told Magistrate Judith Zuyu last week when she appeared in court that she had no case to answer as the two got involved in sex because they had a relationship.

Chaos as Bulawayo hwindi impregnates 6 young girls

A 26-YEAR-OLD bus conductor who allegedly preys on minors has reportedly impregnated six teenagers in Bulawayo's Mzilikazi and Makokoba suburbs. The six teenagers are all expecting, while the conductor, Gift Siluma of Makokoba, also has a 20-month-old child with a woman from the same suburb.

Parents of the pregnant teenagers – aged between 14 and 19 – yesterday said Siluma goes around with a bunch of cash which he uses to lure their children to his house.

Nyaope addict kills his nephew for R10

A Nyaopea drug addict from Tembisa allegedly killed his nephew on Wednesday morning, apparently for R10.

A grief stricken Betty Mnguni, 30, of Tsenolong section, said her brother fatally stabbed her son Themba, 14, in the head for a mere R10, which was meant for the boy’s school lunch. The boy died on arrival at the Tembisa Hospital.

Nyaope smokers fuming over law to make it illegal

BOIKIE Khumalo (27) is angry! A self-confessed nyaope addict, he spends R300 a day on his habit and finding the money isn’t easy.
But now he’s got a new worry -  he could go to jail for his habit!
So could his dealer, but that’s not his problem.
“The government should arrest the dealers, not the users,” said Boikie, who lives in Mamelodi East, north-east of Pretoria.

SA soccer Star fined for killing Zim woman

A SOUTH African football star who ran over and killed a Zimbabwean woman with his car has escaped jail after being hit with a R60,000 fine.

Bryce Moon, 26, a former national team player currently contracted to Premier League side Bidwest Wits, also had his licence suspended for six months at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Moon was sentenced to two years in jail, but avoids jail time because he has an option of paying the fine – of which R20,000 was payable on Monday. The rest will be paid in R10,000 instalments from the end of May to the end of August.


“Sir, we write to inform you that John Aku is dead. He died by 7PM at Igandon road, Lagos, burial arrangements shall be communicated to you when we sort things out”.
This is the SMS I got that scared the hell outta me. I spoke to John in the afternoon. My friend was with him by 6 PM, 7 PM he kicked the bucket.
As friends thronged to see his corpse, everyone was asking God why he let such a good guy die so early. Even though his car somersaulted, there was no dent on the car. The autopsy result showed no injuries and they classified the death as UNUSUAL. He was only 43 years.

Gay US bishop Gene Robinson to divorce husband

Writing on the Daily Beast website, Bishop Robinson said he was “forever grateful” to Mark Andrew and that details of their split were private.
The pair were married in a civil ceremony in 2003.
Gene Robinson’s ordination as a bishop of the New Hampshire diocese in 2003 divided the global Anglican communion.

Teenage girl gives 'semen filled' cupcakes out to school bullies

A student at Centennial High School in Bakersfield, California reportedly handed out the buns to classmates who were picking on her on Tuesday.

Another student contacted a local TV station and said the girl had put pubic hair, semen, out of date food and pills into the mixture.

When some students asked her why the cakes tasted so bad, she told them they were made with bodily fluids.

Woman stabs husband for coming home drunk

A 20-YEAR-OLD woman from Hillside Teachers College on Thursday stabbed her husband on his shoulder for getting home late and drunk.
Ms Neliswe Ndlovu blamed her husband for getting himself stabbed as she was defending herself from his physical abuse.
“I stabbed him because he was assaulting me. He came home late and what he is saying is a lie. He did not go straight to the kitchen to get himself food, instead he woke me up and demanded food and a fight started and that is when I stabbed him,” she said.

Prostitute strangles client

A ZVISHAVANE sex worker is in police custody for allegedly strangling a man who had hired her but later declined to pay for her services because she was not “sweet”. Police sources told Sunday News that Nyasha Banda (28) flew into a rage when the now deceased, Siphathengani Nkiwane, reportedly told her that she was not “sweet” in bed and therefore would leave her lodgings without paying for her services.

Man kills, skins 4 dogs

 A Pretoria North man has been arrested after he allegedly killed four dogs, skinned them and apparently put them in a freezer and in a chest under his bed.

Police raided the garden flat in Pretoria North at 22:00 on Saturday evening. Riaan Bester,23, apparently confessed to killing the dogs and showed police the knives with which he had skinned the dogs.

There was still blood on the knives.

Gardener 'raped' employer's dog

Pretoria - A 54-year-old Pretoria gardener has been denied bail after he allegedly raped his employer's Dachshund bitch and then jumped over a wall and ran away.

A prosecutor told a Pretoria court that should the man be given bail, it was possible that he would once again have contact with the dog with which he had had “sexual intercourse”.

This was one of the reasons why prosecutor Lucas Moseki opposed bail for the man - and the application was subsequently turned down.

Man Confesses To Sacrificing HIS PRIVATE PART For Money Rituals

I joined the church of Satan, I sacrificed a baby, I drank blood and so many other things, which I shouldn’t have done. I also sold myself to the devil for thirty years.” This confession summed up the story of a 29 year old businessman who in his quest to be rich joined four occult groups where he committed the worst of abominations.

At 21, Steven Kofi (not real name) from West coast in Ghana, began his journey into the occult world by joining the church of Satan international before going deeper to join others all in his bid to make wealth.

I Had An Affair With Our Driver To Give My Husband A Child

I am not a loose woman. I am just a woman who loves her husband very much and didn’t want to lose him. I just did what I had to do to save my marriage even though I feel guilty sometimes.
It was not easy but I slept with my driver so that I could give my husband a child, but instead, God gave me twins, a boy and a girl...

44 year old mother sleeping with daughter’s boyfriend

I’m 44, and divorced. He’s 29 and my daughter is 22. 

She met him at the gym and they started seeing each other six months ago. She’s really keen but he’s been blowing hot and cold so I’ve had to listen to her woes a lot. 

My daughter and I went for a drink before going to the cinema a couple of weeks ago, and her boyfriend happened to be meeting a friend at the bar. I’d not met him before and I was blown away. He’s so good-looking and toned. His eyes lit up and I could tell he was interested. 

My daughter goes away with her job a lot. The next time she was away, there was a knock on the door and it was her boyfriend. 

Mother Killed And Ate Her 2 Sons; Thought They Were Pigs

A mum butchered and ate her two young sons because she hallucinated and thought they were PIGS.

The Thai woman allegedly cooked and ate her children, aged one and five, and was found by police sleeping in her home surrounded by their body parts.

The woman — a member of a hill tribe from the mountainous region of Chiang Main near the Burmese border – had been suffering from mental illness since 2007 but had recently stopped taking her medication.


Shamva- In a incident that left villagers of Shamva shell-shocked a prominent local Prophet Gabriel Thumim (38) of Temple of Grace International Ministries  has alleged  impregnated Mbuya   Pwanyiwa  (33) a well known sangoma in the area.

The cat was let out the bag when Mbuya Pwanyiwa dragged the man of the cloth to the courts on Thursday claiming maintenance for the two year old daughter the couple sired when they were still head over heals.
The Court heard that two years ago before he became a prophet, Grabriel Mabwe (now Prophet Grabriel Thumim) was involved in a steamy relationship with Mbuya Chido Pwanyiwa. The relationship produced a daughter. It is further alleged by Mbuya Pwanyiwa that Mabwe received his ‘calling’ 2013 when he visited South Africa.