Monday, May 5, 2014

Sick female rapist gets 16 years in prison for raping son

A sex starved Chiredzi woman (34) habitually raped her stepson, 16, while her husband was away on business resulting in the juvenile contracting a Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI).

Pleading guilty to a charge of aggravated indecent assault, Respina Mukandauri (40) told Masvingo Regional Magistrate Judith Zuyu on Tuesday that she had been desperate for sex as her husband had been away for weeks.

She was sentenced to 16 year in prison. Mukandauri told Magistrate Judith Zuyu last week when she appeared in court that she had no case to answer as the two got involved in sex because they had a relationship.

Zuyu convicted the woman but two years were suspended for five years on condition of good behaviour.

"I was starved of my conjugal rights and I got tempted. I thought he was above the age of majority and I did not know that I had an STI," said the woman.

The woman is said to have told the boy that he should be happy to assume his father's responsibilities.

Moreblessing Rusere appeared for the State and told the court that sometime in November 2013 in the absence of the juvenile’s father, Mukandauri called the boy to her bedroom.

Mukandauri told the complainant that she was afraid to sleep alone and she then ordered the boy to return to his bedroom. Rusere further told the court that after some moments the accused person stripped naked and went to the juvenile’s bedroom.

Mukandauri found the boy already asleep and she then ordered the complainant to remove his clothes and forced him to have sexual intercourse with her. Mukandauri allegedly repeated the abuse on several occasions after the first encounter.

The court heard that the matter came to light when the boy fell sick.  

His father took him to hospital where it was discovered that he had contracted STI. The father questioned him and he revealed that he had sex with his stepmother on several occasions, the court heard.

The matter was then reported to the police leading to the woman's arrest.

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