Monday, May 5, 2014

Nyaope addict kills his nephew for R10

A Nyaopea drug addict from Tembisa allegedly killed his nephew on Wednesday morning, apparently for R10.

A grief stricken Betty Mnguni, 30, of Tsenolong section, said her brother fatally stabbed her son Themba, 14, in the head for a mere R10, which was meant for the boy’s school lunch. The boy died on arrival at the Tembisa Hospital.

Mnguni said Themba was about to leave for school when his uncle demanded the money. It is suspected that he wanted the money to buy drugs.

She was in the bedroom at the time and heard a loud sound as the boy fell to the ground. She ran to the room and found the boy lying on the floor bleeding.

“My brother came straight at me wielding a knife. I tried to stop him but he kept on coming and stabbed me in the left shoulder and hand,” Mguni said.

When their younger sister Judith, 18, tried to intervene, he also stabbed her but she was not hurt badly.

Mnguni was shocked because she said her brother was a quiet youth who never hurt anyone. She blamed his actions on his addiction to nyaope, a deadly drug that has become popular in the area.

Operation Thibela Nyaope (Stop nyaope) spokesperson Moses Matlaila said he was receiving counselling from the organisation. “He only attended a day before killing his nephew.”

Matlaila said nyaope was a big problem in the Tembisa township.

The man was arrested on Thursday, a source said. Tembisa police spokesperson Const Tebogo Sesing could not confirm the incident.

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