Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zuma wanted Gaddafi dead

“WE DON’T have Muammar Gaddafi today because Jacob Zuma supported his killing. Zuma plotted with imperialist forces to kill an African.”
This is what EFF leader Julius Malema said on Saturday at a rally in Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town.
Malema urged his followers to remember Gaddafi when voting on 7 May. He said the former president of Libya, killed by rebels in 2011, loved Africa.

“Let’s dedicate 7 May to Gaddafi. We must say to Gaddafi we’ll never vote for those involved in his killing. We must say to African leaders who have no confidence in South Africa that we will restore confidence after the election. Africa sees us as sell-outs today,” he said.
He told supporters not to celebrate Freedom Day because there was nothing to be happy about. He told them to rather campaign for his party.
“What kind of freedom denies people their dignity? What kind of freedom denies other organisations the right to have their say on TV? Freedom is coming tomorrow, not the freedom of the African National Criminals,” he said.
“How are we equal when you live in a shack and another person lives in a R20-million house?”
Malema said black people were also still being paid with wine on farms.

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