Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Prophet says ANC will WIN Because it has Ancestral Supporters.

A prophet who previously predicted things would not go well for Bafana Bafana during the 2010 Fifa World Cup said the ANC is set to win this year’s elections again.
Archbishop Motseki Majake (37) from the Areka Apostolic Church in Qholaqhwe, QwaQwa, popularly known as Ntate Bolele, said the ANC will win because it has strong ancestral support.

“But the support will end if they don’t change things as they stand,” said Bolele.
He said corruption, crime, not listening to the cries of the people and false promises will cripple the ruling party.
He added many parties will also emerge and decrease the ANC’s strength.
Bolele prayed all of last week and said the elections will go well and peacefully but there will be a lot of dissatisfaction.
“I see three horses coming fast and this one horse is being chased by the other two,” he said.
He explained the Economic Freedom Fighters and the Democratic Alliance are the two horses chasing the ANC. He said the ANC is a party loved by God and the ancestors. If its power is decreased, it will be a sign for it to change its ways.
Bolele lit nine candles of three different colours, namely red, green and white.
He said white was for peace, green for a good life and red for no blood spillage.
As he was preparing umqombothi he said: “It was a good sign that the ancestors have accepted my prayers.”
Bolele’s advice to government was for them to treat traditional healers, prophets and reverends equally and they should work together. He said the president’s chair should be respected, otherwise other nations will come to rule us.

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