Wednesday, April 30, 2014


THIS robber thought himself smarter than others. He didn’t hide his hot cash in his bed – he buried it in a graveyard. BUT NOW HE’S OUT OF JAIL HE CAN’T FIND IT!

“I would rather die than suffer like this,” grumbled ex-jailbird Baba Niyabo (66) of Port Elizabeth’s New Brighton. Baba said his life of crime began with pickpocketing at the age of 10. “My father was rich with cows, goats and chickens, but the apartheid government took his wealth. That made me seek revenge. I was angry. “I robbed Port Elizabeth banks and paypoints with my gang. “Then in 1986 we robbed a paypoint serving whites and coloureds. It was the biggest robbery in the Eastern Cape

“I ran away with my share of R200 000,” he said. “Cops were looking for us so I buried the R200 000 at New Brighton graveyard. There were only a few graves and bushes then. “I was sentenced to 68 years for armed robberies and attempted murder,” he said. “I kept the secret of money I buried in the graveyard.
“Luckily I served only 18 years. The new government released me in 2004.
“But when I went to the graveyard for my R200 000 it was full of graves. I can’t find my money! Every year I come and try to figure out where it is but I get confused. A school and RDP houses built nearby make searching harder!” And that wasn’t the end of Baba’s troubles. “This month I lost my Sassa pension card and ID. Sassa told me to wait 12 months for a new card and pension while they investigate. It’s driving me crazy,” he moaned. “What I am going to eat? I will kill myself or ask the cops to send me to jail where food is guaranteed.”
- Sassa provincial spokesman Luzuko Qina said when people lose their Sassa cards they must call Sassa at once to stop the cards and go to the cops to make sworn statements that they had lost their cards. “Immediately after we receive those documents we will issue the money. A temporary ID will be accepted.”

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